Trump and Putin Meeting – Chance Encounter or Something More Sinister?

#The curious relationship between the US President Donald Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to baffle the world. Their latest encounter was at the G20 dinner hosted in Hamburg, Germany earlier this month. The invitation to the dinner was extended by Germany’s Chancellor in which 20 of the world’s most influential state leaders were invited.

Mr. Trump, who was seated next to the wife of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, got up and joined Mr. Putin who was seated next to Melania Trump. This #impromptu meeting that stretched out for an hour, according to some reports, featured an animated and friendly looking conversation between the two.

This comes as a surprise, and a cause for much speculation, as things between Washington and Moscow aren’t exactly smooth. Additionally, this meeting in light of the rumours about the possible involvement of the #Putin administration in the US Presidential Elections raised many eyebrows. The allegations that Putin and his government were involved in making Trump win the elections and emerge as President are levied against Trump and the Russian government by the American intelligence agencies. This involvement was denied by both Trump and Russia, who repeatedly rejected having any knowledge of such an alliance or deal between the two.

Their #discussion hasn’t been disclosed. The media was not present, and the only attendants were the two presidents and the official interpreter of the Russian president. As no one else was around especially representatives from the media, the talks between the two leaders remain a mystery. Trump denied the allegations of the encounter being an official meeting, saying that it was #just a simple conversation held over dessert. He further stated that the way the media was distorting the encounter and making it look like something sinister, was fake and sick. In a tweet, he said that the press was aware of the meeting and the dinner which was attended by all the G20 world leaders and their spouses.

Officials from the White House were also firm in denying that the meeting was anything but a pleasant chat between two attendees of a dinner. They also claimed that it was part of the President’s duties to interact with other world leaders. While the above statement is true, but the question remains, why did #Trump single out Putin from all other world leaders present to interact with. What were the contents of the discussion that followed and why wasn’t it allowed to be documented by the media?

This confusion is also shared by the other state leaders present at the dinner, who were startled at the way the event unfolded and the #camaraderie between Trump and Putin. This strange encounter occurred a little while before, the White House nominates an ambassador to Russia. The vacancy is likely to be filled by the former governor of Utah, #Jon Huntsman, who would have a huge task on his hand, namely of improving the ties between the two nations.

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