Republicans Failed to Replace Obamacare

Since after US President Donald Trump has been elected, he is #against the Obamacare and has asked the republicans to revoke it. So, their main responsibility was to replace it with a much better healthcare system. #Mitch McConnell was the key person to accomplish this task but disappointedly he failed to complete it. As per the most recent statement of McConnell, “We did not succeed in immediately repealing and replacing the Obamacare”. Under this healthcare system, more than twenty million individuals have obtained the coverage.

Reasons behind the Failure of New Healthcare Policy

As per the proposed healthcare system, only those people will pay huge amount of premium who are earning a good income. On the other hand, the poor people will pay a small amount. In this way, the insurers can offer them less coverage. 2 republican senators (Jerry Moran and Mike Lee) have played a crucial role in disapproving the newly proposed healthcare policy. They said, “New legislation does not entail enough to replace Obamacare”. According to #Jerry Moran, there is no place for a bad policy and we can’t accept it. According to #Mike Lee, there is no privilege for the middle class people who will be paying high premiums.

2 other senators had already disapproved the bill and their names are #Susan Collins and #Rand Paul. According to Paul, too much Obamacare taxes are included in the new policy whereas Collins showed his concerns about the privilege to Medicaid. There are total 100 senators in the United States Senate. At the present time, Republicans possess 52 seats therefore; it is not possible for them to get the bill passed. Besides Moran and Mike, some other republican senators are also showing opposition towards the proposed legislation.

The Congressional Budgetary Office also shared its views about the proposed healthcare system and stated that all the insured persons will not get adequate benefits if the new bill is approved. A polling of general public was carried out in order to know about the views of Americans regarding the old and new system. The result of polling shows that more than #50% of the US citizens preferred Obamacare programme as compared to proposed one.

Reactions by Republican and Democratic Senators

Mitch McConnell has asked for a period of 2 years for the implementation of a new healthcare policy. The analysts believe that many #policy holders will withdraw if they are not provided with the healthcare facilities during these 2 years. #John McCain (Republican Senator) is also the policy holder of Obamacare and he suggested bipartisan strategy for proposing a new healthcare bill. McCain said, “Congress must hold regular hearings and also receive inputs from the candidates of both parties”. On the other side, Democrat senators are not in favor of Obamacare repeal but they are willing to #work jointly for making some improvements in the old system. The leader of Democratic Party #Charles Schumer twitted “Trumpcare has failed for the second time which shows that the bill is not viable”.

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