Flash Floods Accompany Thunderstorms and Lightning in Large Parts of England

Sussex and the large portion of the South East were caught in the midst of #violent thunderstorms and heavy lightning on Tuesday. Heavy showers accompanied by thunder and lightning that lit up the entire night sky continued all through the night.  #No loss of life or injury was reported, although several houses were damaged by the water and a workshop caught on fire when it was struck by lightning.

In Tunbridge Wells, up to one metre of rainfall was recorded. The owner of a restaurant located on Mount Pleasant Road reported that when he reached his restaurant the next morning, it was partially submerged in water from the rains. #The storms were the most violent at the late-night hour between 2:30 and 3:30 BST. During this one hour alone, the fire crew was summoned to put out fires and rescue people a total of 60 times. Fire crews and other rescue personnel assisted people by pumping water out of their homes.

In areas where the situation was the worst, fire crews enlisted the help of the local providers of housing and Red Cross to deal with the situation and assist in the rescue. The high demand for water pumps required necessitated the need to request additional water pumps from the county’s other fire crews. The rains finally slowed down to a light drizzle around 4:30 BST. No proper number is available as how many houses and properties need assistance with pumping out water. The fire department continued to #receive requests for assistance with pumping out water the next morning, i.e. Wednesday morning too.

In the South West, a similar situation was witnessed. The heavy storms and the flash floods that accompanied it proved to be particularly troublesome when #4 feet of rainwater flooded the Cornish village located there. Meanwhile, Herne Bay was struck by a lightning storm which resulted in #outbreaks of fire and damage to property. The roof of a house was damaged and a workshop in the Industrial State near Newhaven was engulfed in fire after it was struck by lightning. No injuries were reported.

A spokesman for the council in Coverack reported that several properties have been damaged by the downpour and some roads too showed signs of damage. Engineers have been entrusted with the task of inspecting the sites and assessing the damage done. Business owners and residents in Coverack have been assured that the cost of the repairs for the damaged properties will be covered by the #council reserves.

According to the reports by the weather departments, #heavy rains and storms are expected to continue. These could result in more localized flash floods and a possible power outage in case of damage to power lines by lightning. Representatives from the Meteorological Department stated that many parts of the country would be subjected to a #heavy downpour and torrential rain, but the storms will pass fairly quickly.


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