California Votes to Go Green

The decisions made by the #US President, Donald Trump, continue to face some form of opposition, from both within and outside the country. The latest challenge comes in the form of California’s decision to disregard Trump’s act of withdrawing the #US from the Paris Climate Accord.

Merely weeks after the Trump administration took this bold step to nullify the #pro-environmental policies set in place by the Obama administration, California decided to take the matter into their own hands. The legislators in California voted to continue keeping the law in place that puts a cap on the carbon emissions permissible. As per this policy, firms and industries will be required to purchase a permit before they can release pollutants into the environment. The Californian legislature voted to enforce the #policy up to 2030.

#Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, when speaking on the issue said that the State realizes the threat that environmental pollution poses to their existence, and have taken a bold step to counter this threat. He further stated that this bold step validates the competence of the Californian government and their understanding of such crucial matters. He commended both the Democrats and Republicans in the state, who had collectively voted to impose this policy. The policy was approved after it received 55 votes in favor against 21 votes opposing it.

California, which is the most populous state in the United States, aims to bring down the greenhouse emission statistics of #1990 by 40% in 2030. This move received praise from several global leaders. Despite the popularity of the proposed bill, it also received its fair share of criticism from conservatives who feared that this policy would negatively affect the food and fuel prices in the state, thereby making it harder for the poor people of the state.

#Andy Vidak, a State Senator from California said that extending the bill beyond 2020 would affect the businesses and economy of the state. He went on to say that the bill would be like a tax that would mostly affect the firms in the state. He opposed the policy based on the opinion that it would make little difference to the overall climate of the world. He further said that even shutting down the whole state wouldn’t rectify the climate conditions and the threats that come with it.

Some environmentalists too aren’t satisfied with this legislature. They say that the terms stated in the policy are not enough as it provides a lot of leniency to refineries and oil companies. Although #Trump’s decision to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accord has been praised by many people including industrialists and businesses, but at the same time environmentalists don’t seem to be happy. It remains to be seen whether the rest of the states will rally behind California on the issue or continue operating without a check and balance in place to assess how much they are contributing towards polluting the environment.

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